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About Event Cinema

Audiences around the globe are now enjoying contemporary music, pop culture programs, sporting events, and cultural arts entertainment on the big screens of their local cinemas, as more and more theater owners embrace “Event Cinema,” programming.  The fast-growing Event Cinema market presents theaters with exciting, multi-dimensional alternative programming options across multiple genres: rock and popular cultural events, classical music, opera and dance programs, world-class art exhibitions, specialty feature films and documentaries, theater productions, and sporting events.  

About SpectiCast

SpectiCast is one of the fastest growing producers, financiers, distributors and marketers of Event Cinema worldwide. We have distributed over 400 event cinema releases to screens around the globe and have brought original world class programming to audiences on over four thousand screens in 65 countries.  We have distributed programs from some of the world’s most prestigious cultural arts organizations and leading entertainment companies including the Opera de Paris, The Vatican Museums, The Royal Albert Hall, The Salzburg Festival, The Paris Opera Ballet, the Mariinsky Theatre, the British Museum, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Universal Music, Sony Music, Paramount, Warner Bros., Trancas International, and EagleRock Entertainment - featuring works by Shakespeare and Shaw, Beethoven and Bach, da Vinci and Dalì, Sondheim and Satriani - with performances by Mikhail Baryshnikov, Renée Fleming, Christopher Plummer, Paul McCartney, Drake, Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones just to name a few.

We provide content rights holders with turnkey access to worldwide theatrical distribution as well as all downstream digital distribution platforms including DVD, VOD and TV.  We also provide a wide range of logistical and digital media services including feature and short mastering, trafficking and logistical support, Encryption/KDM management and quality control service.

SpectiCast is a privately owned and operated firm based in Philadelphia, PA. We also maintain offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Mexico City, MX and London UK.